Quimper Resume Template

The Quimper Resume Template has a beautiful color scheme of a soft pastel pink and a bold navy blue that fantastically complements each other. The outline of this resume template is a perfect fit for anyone applying to a business marketing job. The resume itself was designed to highlight all the features you need to enter in the business marketing job. Better yet, not only is it made for business, in fact, made for any industry you would like to use it. The outline, packed with beautiful features that you will find useful no matter where you are applying. The way this template's organization leaves no room for any mess or cluster. You can fill this resume template out in no time and not have to worry if it is going to look like a mess. Check out this beautiful resume template and see how easy your life will become.


  • 2-page resume template in .docx format
  • 1 Reference Page
  • 1 cover letter template in .docx format
  • 1 instructional FAQ/Help pdf
  • A list of all the necessary free fonts, plus links to download 22 extra icons pack.


Edit in Microsoft Word (for Pc or Mac) Don't have Microsoft Word?

Don't worry! Download a free trial for both Mac and Windows here: http://products.office.com/en-us/try


  1. Add this listing to your cart to purchase the resume template, after confirming your payment you will download the files instantly.
  2. Download and install the fonts before to open this template. (You will receive a PDF or .txt instruction file with links to where you can download them)
  3. Open your resume file in Word.
  4. Fill in your information in the template.
  5. Add or delete sections according to your needs.
  6. Be creative if you like, and change the colors or fonts!
  7. Print or saves as a PDF file to send by e-mail.

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